I am writing a novel on Textnovel.com called ‘A Regency Adventure‘. It’s entered in the Dorchester Next Best Celler contest. Please have a read, and vote for me if you like it!

I am a bookworm who reads absolutely anything. Growing up in rural Africa, with no television or electronic games, books were my best entertainment. Then I heard an adaption of Pride and Prejudice on BBC radio. The reception was really bad, but I heard enough to fire my imagination. Another time, a visitor left a Barbara Cartland home by mistake – and I lapped it up.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to read widely. And I’ve discovered that my favourite genre is Romance, specifically historicals and regencies. My all-time favourite authors are Jane Austen (who wrote contemporarily), and the queen of the Regency Romance, Georgette Heyer.

Now I live in Australia, and, among other things, am writing. Althea Hayden is a pen-name that I use for my historical romances.

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