Index cards and Aristotle

Up until recently, A Regency Adventure was suffering from a lack of direction. I had a great start, two main characters, and too many possibilities. One of the big problems was a lack of chemistry between the protagonists… along with an inordinate degree of the same between one of the protagonists and an antagonist!

Then something cracked, and I now know what A Regency Adventure is all about. Yaay!

So I’m into 5″ x 8″ index cards and Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy (at least, that’s what I think it’s called).

I am trying to find my notes from an excellent WEA short course I did some years ago, called ‘How to Write Your Novel’. The teacher was very good – but I can’t recall her name. A great tip she gave was to put the salient points of each scene onto an index card, and then order them according to Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy. I have found an outline of his theory here. Of course, a lot of shuffling, expanding, condensing, and just plain throwing out will happen.

I have 34 scenes worked out and summarized on index cards. I just need to lay them out in a rough Aristotle-ish way, and then I can get down to some serious writing again!

But I really need to find those lecture notes…

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